Fre$h Convo - Organic Realness
Fre$h Convo - Organic Realness SDMFLIX 273 Views • 8 months ago

Fre$h Convo - Chopping it up with Organic Realness

Bad Girl Radio - EP4 Leo Dashell
Bad Girl Radio - EP4 Leo Dashell SDMFLIX 200 Views • 8 months ago

Bad Girl Radio - EP9 Leo Dashell

LEK Award Show 2023
LEK Award Show 2023 Trinalbarnes630 567 Views • 12 months ago

Trina Barnes presents LEK Award Show 2023 Live in ATL at Hilton Atlanta
Donele Bailey - Producer Award

Private Parti - S1 EP4
Private Parti - S1 EP4 PRIVATEPARTISEASON1 2 Views • 1 year ago

⁣⁣Private Parti - Season 1 EP3 Directed and Executive Produced King Renigad and Trina Barnes. The show features exotic male dancers from Detroit Michigan, GrandMarquis, Finess, and Boss from Houston Texas and more. Parental Discretion Advised.

Kutta Keyz Documentary | Voice of The Yak
Kutta Keyz Documentary | Voice of The Yak realhss 2 Views • 1 year ago

⁣This Documentary focuses on the life of a street dealer who found his way into the limelight through his music career but was tragically killed in a drug deal gone wrong. This Documentary explores the rise of this artist and how his music helped him gain a following on the streets.

TURNAROUNDZ DA MOVIE edsall 2 Views • 1 year ago

⁣A guy tries to change his life around for the better suddenly becomes a victim to his past. Leaving Detroit to start a new operation in Atlanta some how has Aye Money aka Trouble going back to Detroit to help an old friend out of trouble only to land in more trouble.

Eastside Story
Eastside Story KeithRice 3 Views • 1 year ago

⁣A classicial musical love story starring King James Perkins, Mone't Greenly, Denzell Dandridge, Sean Lee, also featuring King Dillon, Katrina Carson, Armornition, Cedric Bird Gaston, Trina Barnes, Otiesah Epps, and many more.