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Budget 10-Bit Monitor for VIDEO EDITING?
Budget 10-Bit Monitor for VIDEO EDITING? YouTube 573 Views • 8 months ago

Need a new #editing #monitor while on a budget?
It's not easy picking the best one with all the available options out there. I did lots of research and choosing between 4K and lower resolution monitors.
In the end I managed to find the #benq2700q.
Somewhat of a forgotten gem when it comes to monitors specifically made for color critical work.
So if you're looking to buy a new monitor hear what I have to say about my new favorite display.

BenQ Monitor

More info on the difference between sRGB and REC.709

Top 3 Monitors for Color Grading in 2022 | Things You Must Know
Top 3 Monitors for Color Grading in 2022 | Things You Must Know YouTube 437 Views • 8 months ago

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In this video, I will take you through my top picks for color grading monitors from cheapest to most expensive.

0:00 Intro
0:46 FREE 1-hour training teaser
1:31 My Top Picks
2:13 Eizo Overview
11:23 LG Overview
15:25 FSI Overview
17:29 Eizo Pros and Cons
20:09 FSI Pros and Cons
24:45 LG Pros and Cons
29:42 My Personal Recommendation
30:22 Outro


My name is Qazi and I am a professional colorist based out of LA.
Available for Remote Grading Globally

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Equipment used:
Canon C500 mkii
Sigma 50mm 1.4
Rode NTG3
Nanlite Pavotubes
Resolve Advanced Panel
Apple XDR Display
Eizo CG279x

#davinciresolve #colorgrading #monitor